The school has special arrangements should we ever need to close in an emergency situation i.e. severe weather disruption (floods or snow/ice), unsuitable accommodation due to a power/heating failure, loss of water supplies, fire damage or a disruption to transport through petrol/diesel shortages.

The final decision to close a school will normally rest with the Headteacher based on personal observations or from staff members better placed to make such observations of the situation, together with information and advice received from County Hall.

Safety will always be our priority when making any decisions to close the school in an emergency. In the event of inclement weather and the school being unable to open in the morning, we would inform County Hall of our decision. Parents are advised to listen to local radio stations; KLFM, BBC Radio Norfolk or Heart Norfolk Radio, where broadcasts of school information are most likely to be made or to visit the Closed Schools page on the Norfolk County Council website which can be accessed by  clicking this link..

Unfortunately, incidents can occur with little or no warning. In any situation we will try to make the information available to parents as soon as possible. This may be by a text to all parents sent via the internet or a phone call. With regards to school meals, if school meal arrangements should cease for any reason, then provided that parents had been notified to provide a packed lunch from home, the school would continue to operate.